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Born in Holland , child of a very music minded family, which moved to Portugal at a very young age, Ron finished Portuguese High School and returned to The Hague (Holland) in 1974.

From there he got himself envolved with the The Hague music scene, (Golden Earring, Q65 etc.) and had his first deejay lessons by Joop Roelofs at a Night Club in Scheveningen. Wondering about the English music scene he moved to England and worked as a deejay and travel agent in London.

Back in Holland he moved to a small city next to Rotterdam, where he started to get well envolved in all local rock 'n roll activities. Working first as deejay again, he was employed by several music cafés, to program their live bands. From there he organized his first rock festival "Harbour Beat", followed quickly by others (Plantage Festival and a succesful multi-cultural event Spectrum Festival). This last festival got him interested in worldmusic.

From there he was asked to assist-programmer for the newest rock cafe in Rotterdam RoTown. Founded his first booking and production agency and was asked to run a project in Portugal in 1988, which was going to be the first rock festival in the football stadion of Benfica in Lisbon, with headers like Bryan Adams.

After closing off this project, he returned to Holland again and except for programming for several rock cafes he started working as logistics manager for a Brazilian Estate Company as Operations-Manager and continued working as Booking Agent for soulsister Sue Chaloner (Spooky & Sue) and the Rotterdam all girl punkrock group The Jamrax, highlight the Jailrock Tour with them all over Holland.

Early 90-ties he was employed for several indoor music productions at a major Rotterdam Concert Hall the Doelen, as host on artist-hospitality and programmer on Worldmusic.

Produced various festivals in Holland (HavenBeat, Plantage Festival and the Spectrum Festival)

From here he started touring with several groups or closely involved with their production

(BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Mariza, David Copperfield, Rhythm of The Dance). In the early 2000 he decided to settle and slow down a little, starting a little shop, bringing out his interests in antiques & design.... but music and being on the road, is still pulling on him and accepted finally earlier invitations to go on the road with Worldmusic musicians like Sara Tavares, Mayra Andrade, Tito Paris.

Except music he also toured with many international theatre & dance groups in Holland and Belgium (Rhythm of The Dance National Istanbul Ballet, Troupe National du Theatre Rabat)

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