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Fabulous Armenian Singer/ Composer Nara Noian

Nara Noian

Ames Immortelles

Dulce Pontes (shopping April 2011)

Estrella Morente (March 2011)

Production Management

Salif Keita Tour 2010

March 21st - 24th 2010

Production Management

Mariza Primavera Tour 2010

March 16th - 21st 2010

Production & Stage Manager

@ Museum Night on March 6th 2010


"Show me your second face Tomoko Mukaiyama"

Stage Management

@ World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty

Kenan Dogulu (November 2009)

... with to lovely fans Narin and Esra

Bryan Adam (Rotterdam November 2009)

Zuco103 Acustico Tour 2009

with special guests Marcos Suzano (perussion) and Sérgio Chiavazzoli (guitars)

Jerry Lee Lewis and daughter Phoebe Lewis (Bilbao July 2009)

Memphis Beats (Madrid July 2009)

(f.l.r. James Hutcheson, Blake Cunningham, Kenny Lovelace and Robert Edwin Hall)

Sara Tavares & Band (May 2009)

Izaline Calister & Band (Auxerre, France)

Zuco103 at Boedapest Airport (April 2009)

Sara Tavares at Amsterdam Airport(May 2007)

Rhythm of The Dance (October 2007)

Mayra Andrade and her Band (January 2008)

Istanbul Dance Co. (February 2008)

Tito Paris (April 2008)

Juan Carmona(June 2008)

Dunya Festival May 2008         

Parkpop Festival (June 2008)

Kula Shaker

Sheryl Crow

Una Morgan Heritage

Elizabeth Ayoub (February 2009)

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